Playerz Multi Hidden Cryptocurrency Miner

Playerz Multi Hidden Cryptocurrency Miner

Mine Monero in the background with out interruption while your computer is not being used.

XMR Monero Mining Made Simple

No more starting and shutting down mining operations when you need to use your computer, watch a movie, play a game or stream music. Playerz XMR miner only runs when your computer is not in use and does not require any user interaction. It will automatically mine using the best available option, CPU, AMD Video card or NVidia Video card after 8 minutes of inactivity and it stops mining when user resumes activity. It is completely hidden and unnoticeable to the end user.  Very easy setup. All you need is your preferred mining pool and wallet address. Designed for fast deployment to one or hundreds of computers. Put those computers to use that you could not before. Media Center computers, Work computers and Gaming computers. Start earning Monero today!!!

V1.5 beta
- Automates mining of XMR/Monero in the background
- Completely hidden and only runs when the computer is not in use
- Automatically detects best available mining option. CPU, AMD Video or Nvidia Video
- Runs as a service, and accesses graphics hardware whether users are logged in or not
- Runs at system startup
- Only runs after 8 minutes of inactivity
- Automatically terminates mining processes when user resumes activity
- Detection for AES-ni capable CPU's
- Detection for when user is watching a movie or streaming video.
- Detection for when screen saver is active
- Detection for when sound is playing (v1.1)
- Designed for fast deployment on one or many computers.
- Bundled / Developer option. Allows developers to collect XMR for the use of their software

New Features with V1.5


Updated for the v7 PoW hard fork
Added ability to automatically update miner for any future hard forks
Added ability to repair any files that get deleted by false antivirus flagging


Note: If you are having trouble with Windows Defender blocking the download please try disabling Windows Defender real-time protection temporally.

Download Automatic installation.

Download  BETA NSSM version. Uses NSSM as the service manager. 

Attention Software Developers / Computer Repair Technicians !!!! Are you tired of not being paid for the work you do?  Now you can use Playerz XMR miner for the exchange of goods and services.  Offer you clients that can't afford the work you do the option of having Playerz XMR miner installed of their computer.  Software Developers you now can bundle Playerz XMR miner with your software. Playerz XMR miner will automatically run main.exe or main.bat if it exists in the installer folder. Just change the name of your installer or program to main.exe or create a batch file.